• What We Value

    VISION STATEMENT: To Ensure That Every Business Owner and Family is Aware of and Protected Against the Threat of Frivolous Lawsuits.

    At WFB Legal Consulting Inc., we insure that your interests are paramount and regard what is best for you as our gold standard. This is the only acceptable way to proceed at our company. We empathize with your plight and fully understand how our services may affect your personal life and/or business….

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  • How We Work

    We walk you through the legal process from start to finish so you are not the victim of surprises. Indeed, you will be presented with all possibilities, so you will feel confident about how we proceed. We provide simple, yet plausible explanations to your legal needs in terms you can understand. In this way, clients are fully educated about their options, as well as the benefits and any potential pitfalls with respect to what they are seeking to accomplish….

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  • What We Provide

    MISSION STATEMENT:  WFB Legal Consulting, Inc. (WFBLC) is a legal consulting corporation dedicated to protecting business and personal assets from malicious litigation.

    Very simply, we believe in the PLANNING; PREPARATION, and PROTECTION of your business and personal estate assets through the creation and implementation of contracts particularized to your business and personal estate needs.  Business law is our specialty….

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Don’t continue to lose money and sleep over potential lawsuits just for conducting your business.  Find out how we can protect you and your business from the threat of litigation and the loss of your valuable assets.  Get a FREE copy of “The 10 Best Proven Methods of Asset Protection” today.


We serve all of your Estate Planning needs, including the preparation of a Living Trust Package.  We have developed an in-home program that you can complete yourself;  all approved and created by a practicing attorney!  We will also educate you about the various nuances involved in planning the control, protection and growth of both your business and personal estates, as well as, the specific differences between Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts for asset protection purposes.


Employers – Learn how to stop a lawsuit before it starts.  Employees – learn how to proceed with litigation if your rights have been violated.  Both employers and employees need to know their respective rights and obligations in order to insure that their relationship remains harmonious.


We have the luxury of nearly 30 years of litigation experience.  As a result, we are in the unique position of being able to prosecute and defend the creation of each and every business or estate document the company generate for each and every client, as well as, bring or defend lawsuits involving employers or employees.

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