VISION STATEMENT: To Ensure That Every Business Owner and Family is Aware of and Protected Against the Threat of Frivolous Lawsuits

Bill left behind impressive careers in both the private and public sectors to start his own business attorney/consulting practice. His goal was to ensure that both small and large business owners, as well as families, were provided the very best in asset and estate planning protection so that they could be free to commit themselves entirely to their career and loved ones, while simultaneously being free from the fear of potential litigation.

As the president and founder of WFB Legal Consulting Inc., Bill’s every effort is focused on providing the full gamut of business protection and security, by planning and preparing business contracts which are particularized to the specific needs of his clients. Fees are always flexible depending upon the needs of the client.

Whether you are trying to provide a startup business with some level of stability, or an established business with fool- proof asset and estate protection, Bill’s wide ranging experience in the litigation field ensures that every potential pitfall will be exposed, so as to avoid litigation at all costs. Nevertheless, should a lawsuit rear its ugly head, Bill’s background as a former Orange County Deputy District Attorney, as well as his extensive civil practice as a partner with Lynberg and Watkins, has involved him in well over 200 cases which have been tried to verdict. Whatever the task, a quick turnaround time for completing a client’s work is Bill’s top priority

Lastly, as a consultant, Bill’s expertise provides other lawyers with the benefit of objective legal analysis and proficient legal writing skills. In addition to his position as an Associate Professor of Law at PCU College of Law, Bill presents a unique backdrop for anyone seeking to both learn and understand the obligations and opportunities that present themselves in his field of practice.

Business Law Specialties: Asset and Estate Protection Planning Attorney; Employment Law; Litigation Attorney; Legal Consultant for the Legal Profession; Business Strategies and oversight of both small and large businesses and Estates; Professor of Law and Legal Advisor; General Business Contract Preparation. MISSION STATEMENT: WFB Legal Consulting, Inc. (WFBLC) is a Legal Consulting Corporation Dedicated to Protecting Business and Personal Assets From Malicious Litigation.

“Proudly Protecting Others”

Key Words: Nevada and California Asset, Protection Trust; Probate Lawyer; Services provided for medicaid applicants; Lawsuit regarding family estates; Wealth and prosperity retention; Legal assistance and consultation for families, Law for elder abuse, , Medicaid and trust compliance; as well as Corporation and LLC formation.