Are you taking the cases you can win, or winning the case you take? What you do when the limitations of your practice, whether it is solo in nature, financially limited, or costly to operate from a support staff perspective, fall short of your ability to support your client’s position in the most expeditious and cost-efficient way possible?

I am an advisor and consultant to attorneys who require expert legal writing skills and case analysis at support staff prices. I provide legal briefs, motions, trial preparation techniques and overall consultation for both solo practitioners and large or medium-sized law firms. In short, I help you achieve goals which are in the best interests of your client.

As a practicing lawyer of 25 years with personal involvement in over 270 trials, and as a former Deputy District. Attorney for the County of Orange, I enjoy consulting with other lawyers by providing objective insights with respect to both civil litigation and criminal prosecution. My expertise is in the areas of business law, specifically asset and estate planning protection and employment law, as well as criminal law. As an Assistant Professor of Law at Pacific Coast University College of Law, I instruct law students, young lawyers, and seasoned attorneys through the application of such courses as Business Organizations, Criminal Law, Tort Practice and Legal Writing. I also teach the application of skills required for concise and expeditious legal research in order to complete briefs, motions, and a straightforward and coherent oral argument.

I’ve been privileged to teach trial techniques and have been involved in the selection of judicial officers to the bench in my local community.

Again, the relevant question is this: Are you taking cases you can win or winning the cases you take? Please provide your information in the box to the right of this website to receive a copy of “Triumph in Trial”– a condensed version of approaching our judicial system from the perspective of planning your case according to your own strengths and weaknesses, and what you should consider before you hit the courtroom steps.