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EMPLOYERS: Are You Vulnerable to Lawsuits From

Your Employees? EMPLOYEES: Do You Know Your Rights and Obligations as an Employee?


The best way to limit your exposure to costly litigation is to Make all Your Employees Aware of Their Rights and Obligations and to Install the Proper Protective Measures at Your Place of Business. Remember, you don’t have to be at fault for someone to make a claim against your business!





Don’t continue to Lose Money and Sleep over potential employee lawsuits just for conducting business. Find out how we can Protect You and Your Business from the Threat of Litigation and the Loss of Your Valuable Business and Personal Assets.

Receive a FREE a Copy of THE 10 BEST PROVEN METHODS to Protect Your Rights as an Employer Today.

  • Iron-clad Employee Contracts protect you from Employee Suits.

  • Employee Handbooks place employees on notice of appropriate restrictions

  • Employee Evaluation Procedures and Proper Entity Structuring prevent invasion of personal and business assets.


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– David Monarch, Divorce / Separation Lawyer in Aliso Viejo, CA –

“I recommend using Bill Bernard for civil and criminal cases.  His advice is excellent and he produces outstanding pleadings, briefs, and motions.”

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“Business Contract Help

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I retained Bill to assist me with a business contract.  Bill was not only knowledgeable and professional by he was very responsive and very helpful throughout the whole process.  He was there every step of the way and with his knowledge and experience, I got the best results!  Bill is trustworthy, possesses good values and most of all prides himself with integrity and I will definitely recommend Bill to anyone who needs his expertise.”

– Posted by a Business Client –

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