WFB Legal Consulting, Inc. has the luxury of nearly 25 years of litigation experience. As a result, WFBLC is in the unique position of being able to create and, if necessary, defend the creation of each and every business or estate document the company generates for each and every client.

Lawyers are, in part, counselors and advisors. As with accountants, tax professionals, financial planners, bankers, etc., lawyers should play a role in helping to grow and maintain a successful business by giving practical, helpful advice. But all too often professional litigious advisors (lawyers representing third parties) stand in the way of business success.

Lawyers, for example, are called on by business owners to minimize risk, help achieve certainty, decrease exposure to claims, increase profitability, and protect ongoing interests. These can be conflicting goals because the advice given to minimize a particular risk can also act to slow down business growth. Accordingly, lawyers must balance the risks by assuring the client that the lawyer is prepared to stand by either the business document he or she created, and/or the business decision made by the client taking his or her advice.

WFBLC stands for that all-encompassing proposition: We provide the full gamut of representation: The assurance of sound advice to control and maintain your business; The creation of prudent business and estate documents that allow you to protect and grow your business; and if need be—quality litigation experience as a security blanket, in case someone challenges either the business or estate decisions you feel is best for you and yours.

Ultimately, we cannot control who will file a lawsuit, but it’s comforting to know that your advisor is also your storm trooper—someone who will stand behind the legal services provided.