CLIENTS of WFB Legal Consulting, Inc.

The following are just some of the few businesses that have utilized WFB Legal Consulting, Inc. for their multiple business, asset and estate needs:


TheHomeMag                                                                                        Harrison Auto.                                               Anam Enterprises, LLC

Del Sol RCFE, Inc.                                                                                  Uptime IT, LLC                                               Float Matrix, LLC

Dr. Randy Moore, D.C.                                                                          Square-1 Consulting Services, LLC           Horizon Diversified Group, Inc.

Dr. Phillip Yoo, D. C.                                                                              Myers Executive Building, LLC                  Stark Legal Enterprises, Inc.

21st Century Pain Institute, Inc.                                                         DSXW, Inc.                                                     Jim Skelton (TV Personality on WOW TV)

The Law Offices of Zachary J. McCready & Associates                 D & S Media Group, Inc.

Soleil for Seniors