What We Provide


MISSION STATEMENT: WFB Legal Consulting, Inc. (WFBLC) is a Legal Consulting Corporation Dedicated to Protecting Business and Personal Assets From Malicious Litigation.

Very simply, we believe in the PLANNING; PREPARATION; and PROTECTION of your business and personal estate assets through the creation and implementation of contracts particularized to your business and personal estate needs. . Business law is our specialty. We employ a process which lays out a specific action plan that you can follow.  It’s perfect for startup businesses or established businesses that need to make significant directional changes.

Moreover, with 25 years of litigation experience, we are in the unique position of enabling our clients to progressively move forward with both business plans and personal estate plans that are specifically geared toward avoiding litigation. Nevertheless, should litigation rear its ugly head, WFB Legal Consulting Inc. is in the enviable position of having prepared all of the business documents and/or personal estate documents at issue, thus providing a court with the roadmap it requires to find in your favor.

Below is a short list of the businesses that we enjoy working with from a business creation, support, and personal estate standpoint:

•  Art Dealer
•  Automotive Insurance Consultant
•  Automotive Repair Service
•  Cancer Screening Service
•  Computers & Technology Services
•  Diamond & Gemstone Wholesaler
•  Digital Media Marketing Service
•  Educational Reading/ Tutoring Service
•  Florists (Retail & Wholesale)
•  Healthcare Supplement Distributor
•  Highway Surface Painting
•  Industrial PVC Products Manufacturer
•  Kitchen Cabinets Retailer
•  Kitchen Countertop Retailer
•  Legal Professionals  (Law firms, solo practitioners, Paralegal Services)
•  Logistics & Shipping
•  Medical Professionals (Dentists, Chiropractors, Therapists)
•  Medical Uniform Retailer
•  On-Line Golf Instruction
•  On-Line Government Documents Provider
•  On-Line Jewelry Manufacturer
•  On-Line Marketing/ Branding Services
•  On-Line Photography Website Service
•  On-Line Stock Trading System
•  Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials Service
•  Printers
•  RV Rest Stop Facility
•  School Meals Service
•  Senior Home Healthcare Services
•  Special Spice and Food Preparation Manufacturer
•  Tire Chain Products Distributor
•  Troubled Teens Academy
•  Worldwide Yacht Shipping & Storage
•  Yoga & Meditative Instruction
•  Veteran’s Administration
•  Legal Professionals

If your business is at the start up stage and you want to insure its control, protection and stability, we can help you optimize what’s yours and avoid pitfalls that could undermine your ability to add to your revenues and profits. We are fully versed in Federal and State Employment law requirements that will ensure harmony in the workplace between employer and employee so as to avoid litigation in areas such as wrongful termination, workplace harassment and discrimination.

Likewise, if your business is a few years old, or several years old for that matter, and you are looking to provide it continuing support or even exit it and retire, we can help you protect the revenues and profits you need so you can secure the equity you worked so hard to build.

As an ex-deputy District Attorney, the owner and President of WFB Legal Consulting, Inc., I take pride in working with clients who expect only the highest level of integrity to be the driving force behind the professional legal services they are provided.  Accordingly, we offer the BEST LEGAL ASSET PROTECTION group services available.