Exactly WHEN and HOW do you delegate important tasks in your business? Its not just a matter of trust and confidence. Rather, it involves some interesting give and take on your part, as well as a willingness to understand who is best suited for a particular task–not merely who’s presently available to take it on.

Join Steve, Bill and Rick to explore these helpful alternatives for growing a healthy business.


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The purpose of a land trust is to allow one to have the legal title to his property held by another person, or trustee while retaining all of the rights and privileges of property ownership (the beneficial interest). The trustee acts only upon the beneficiaries’ direction. The property owner still retains all rights, such as the right to possession, to collect rent, mortgage the property, homestead exemption, and any other benefit he now has.

Join Bill and Rick to learn how, when and why a land trust can be a valuable estate planning tool.